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How do we work?




1 Information is collected together with community using a participatory methodology and providing a space for communities themselves, to describe and to define their socio-economic environment. 

2 Through the use of the newest leading-edge drone technology (UAV), we produce high quality maps, diagnostics, and model potential plans, determine their impacts and visualize critical vulnerabilities. 

3 We combine a multitude of variables in order to address the complex problems of human beings and their environment in an effective and integral manner. TerraData breaks down silos between sectors and disciplines in order to build a multi-sector evidence base for decision makers.

4 We develop strategies for the integrated management of land, water and living resources that promotes conservation and sustainable use in an equitable way. TerraData characterizes the susceptibility of services to particular socio-economic activities as food value chains, unregulated urbanization, land-use change and to extreme weather events linked to climate change.

5 Final products are delivered to you, local communities and public institutions in the most adapted format.

We provide you various presentation tools that fix your specific needs and we ensure the dissemination of final products, results and conclusions through the most relevant means.

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